As an Independent Financial Adviser, I have to be very careful when referring my clients to other professionals, as the success or otherwise of the referral will always reflect back on me. I have absolutely no hesitation in introducing my clients to Pam for accountancy services. She has looked after many of my clients for years, and they are all delighted with her. Pam is an excellent accountant, efficient, thorough, speaks in plain English, has very reasonable fees and is also extremely nice. I have also used her services myself, and so can vouch for her personally. Thank you Pam – never move back to Scotland!
Henrietta, London

I got all the documents in the post and will send back today. Invoice paid by bank transfer. Thanks for all your help - I have never been so ahead of myself!
Sarah, London

You are amazing. Thank you so much.
Francis, London (on completion of accounts quickly)

Thank you so so much for that letter and all the help I received from you in trying to resolve this ongoing, unresolved situation with HMRC.
Chris, London

Many thanks for swift processing of my company accounts
Jack, London

Pamela Warwick is my UK accountant, financial saviour and organises all my UK taxes and set up my UK Company.
Matt, USA

Thank you from a happy customer!
Shaks, London

Thank you for your advice, Pamela.
I know it is a very small amount I am making at the moment, but perhaps that is why getting some advice is all the more important.
Stacie, London


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